Tri-ang Related Books & Literature

The Minic Book by Peter BartokThe Minic Book by Peter Bartok

This is an excellent guide to Minic model cars and lorries and is written by Peter Bartok
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Minic Tin Plate Vehicles By Sue Richardson

Another good book on Minic vehicles.
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story of rovex 1Tri-ang Hornby: 1950-65 Vol 1: The Story Of Rovex Volume 1 by Pat Hammond

This book is the first of three volumes on the product history of Rovex. Tri-ang was the model railway arm of Lines Bros and was the first to market a relatively cheap, mass-produced 2-rail system, with the use of plastic giving them a great edge over their principal rivals. Tri-ang Railways had a far greater range than any other British make and were one of the few manufacturers to produce special models for the export market, particularly Australia and to a lesser extent the USA. In recent years these plastic trains have entered the world of collectibles. This extensively revised edition of the book ensures that virtually every item, from the first simple train sets made by Rovex for Marks & Spencer, right through to the last products bearing the sole Tri-ang name, is illustrated and described in detail. A full check-list of all models is included with the book. This edition also includes 32 additional pages and over 100 new illustrated items uncovered by the author, Pat Hammond, in his determination to provide the definitive guide to the Tri-ang story.  Click Here To Purchase

story of rovex 2Tri-ang Hornby: The Story Of Rovex, Vol 2: 1965-1971 by Pat Hammond

This volume describes the period when Tri-ang Railways changed its name to Tri-ang Hornby and covers seven exciting years which saw expansion of the range both in the UK and abroad. Includes models made for the US and Canadian mar-kets, the Battle space series and origins of Tri-ang Wrenn. The story ends with the collapse of the parent company, Lines Bros. Ltd, and the acquisition of Rovex by another giant of the toy world – Dunbee-Combex-Marx
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story of rovex 3Tri-ang Hornby – The Story Of Rovex: Vol. 3: 1972-1996 by Pat Hammond

In this, the final volume in the series, New Cavendish traces the product, now called Hornby Railways, under DCM ownership from 1972 until their collapse in the early 1980s. It takes the reader through the highly productive years of the 1980s and 1990s to the inevitable outsourcing in the Far East. Over 600 locomotive variations were produced during this time as well as numerous coaches, wagons, buildings, etc., all of which are illustrated in this book. The final chapter includes Thomas the Tank Engine, Hornby Minitrix and many others products that were produced or sold alongside Hornby Railways. The first two books in this Rovex story trilogy are Tri-Ang Railways Volume 1 which covers the story from 1950 to 1965, and Tri-Ang Hornby Volume 2, 1965 to 1971. This last book takes the story from 1972 until 1996.