Dusty old Railway

I have just recovered my Triangle Railway R3.D from my attic.  The set must date from c. 1962.  It has probably not been used for 25 years.  I would like to see if I can get the set operating for my grandson.  I have laid out a simple oval track and have had some success in running one engine round it – slow and stuttery!  Any tips on what I should focus on when trying to “clean it up?  For example the track links must be corroded and dirty, some are a tight fit, some are very loose.  Also I think I might have “killed” the tank engine that came with the set.  I was trying to clean and oil the internals and was putting the 12v track supply lugs across the wheels.  The motor seemed to be running but I wonder if I have shorted something out as the motor has stopped spinning.  If it is broken does anyone out there offer a repair service?  All good fun so far.   Thanks.   David

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